Year in Review

Every new year, I claim that it’s going to be the best year yet. This has been my mantra from my middle school days all the way to now. What I came to realize though, is there is no “best year.” Every year is special for its own milestones, friendships, experiences, and in my case, food.

This year was chock full of phenomenal things; traveling with some of my best friends, trying to see Bigfoot in the haunted Bridegwater Triangle (ask me about it), political conferences, championships for UConn basketball, getting accepted to law schools, random sushi excursions, galavanting around New York City, a fantastic boyfriend, and supportive friends and family. The list could go on and on.

Maybe it’s because I’m graduating in the spring or maybe it’s just because it’s the end of 2015, but today I started reminiscing when I found all my old pictures which I (finally) decided to backup on my phone. Scrolling through them made me realize what a great year it was with friends, family, (and food). And since this is a baking blog, I thought why not post about it. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I post far more pictures of food than I do on here. So, my friends, here is a year in review, food edition, featuring my own creations, in addition to great food I enjoyed elsewhere. Enjoy the last day of 2015 and cheers to the new year!

Homemade mixed berry pie for the 4th.
Tea shop we stumbled across in DC.
Fresh picked blueberries (and muffins, of course).
Homemade gin.
Eating amongst the art in Lee, Mass.
Nostalgic about British food (seriously) and found these gems in a British specialty shop in Maine.
Guinness and UConn football.
Sushi House excursions.
Showing my love with homemade funfetti cake and insulting messages. (And dinosaurs). HBD Mom and Dad.
Winston helping to sell our apples.
The best birthday with my best friends.

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